Simplify Your
 Game Key  Distribution

Effortlessly manage and track your
promotional game keys to journalists,
YouTubers, and Twitch streamers.

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Distribute Product Keys

Seamlessly distribute Steam keys to your chosen influencers and media outlets.

Centralized Key Management

Manage all your promotional keys in one intuitive dashboard.

Key Tracking

Track which keys have been taken and ensure unused keys are utilized effectively.

Recipient Tracking

Know who has received your keys and when they redeemed them.

Campaign Creation

Create targeted campaigns for different media outreach efforts.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get a summary of free keys, taken keys, and campaign performance at a glance.

How It Works

Sign Up for a Free Account

Start by signing up for a free account to explore KeyRedeem’s features.

Upload Your Game Keys

Upload your Steam keys and manage them from one central location.

Create a Campaign

Design your media outreach campaign and distribute keys to your targeted list.

Generate and Share Campaign Link

Generate a unique campaign link that you can distribute to your selected media contacts.

Recipients Redeem Keys

When recipients click on the link, they can view and redeem their unique game key.

Track and Manage

Monitor key redemption, track recipients, and analyze campaign success.

Frequently Asked Questions

KeyRedeem is a platform designed to help game developers distribute, manage, and track their promotional game keys to journalists, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers.

KeyRedeem is ideal for indie game developers, small and medium game developers, game marketers, and game publishers looking to streamline their key distribution process.

KeyRedeem allows you to distribute Steam keys effortlessly to your chosen influencers and media outlets. You can manage all your promotional keys in one central dashboard and track their usage.

Yes, KeyRedeem provides detailed tracking of key redemptions. You can see who has taken a key and when it was redeemed, helping you manage your promotional efforts more effectively.

With KeyRedeem, you can track which keys remain unused and reallocate them as needed, ensuring no key goes to waste.

Creating a campaign is simple. Just sign up for an account, upload your game keys, and use the campaign creation tools to design and distribute your keys to your targeted list.

Yes, KeyRedeem offers a comprehensive dashboard that provides a summary of free keys, taken keys, and overall campaign performance.

Requesting a demo is easy! Click on the "Request a Demo" button on our website, fill out the form, and our team will get in touch with you to schedule a demo.

While KeyRedeem is particularly beneficial for indie and small to medium game developers, its features can also support the needs of larger game publishers who require efficient key distribution and tracking.

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